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Iran Asks for a “Decisive Response” after UK Released Assailants Who attacked Iranian Embassy



On Friday, a group of men dressed in black climbed the balcony of the Iranian embassy building and took down the Iranian flag. According to the Fars News Agency, the men assailed the Iranian embassy at 4:30 p.m. local time. With their weapons in their hands they threat people on the scene. The footages show the men shouting slogans and waving their flags from the balcony.

After the incident, Tehran commanded the British law enforcement to provide more protection and security for the diplomatic facility. In addition, Iran has condemned what happened on Friday at the London Embassy. Iran has also summoned the UK Ambassador to Iran’s Foreign Ministry to give explanations about the incident.

“Immediately after the incident was reported, Dr. Araqchi, the [Iranian] deputy foreign minister for political affairs, expressed the Islamic Republic of Iran’s strong protest to the British ambassador to Tehran and demanded that the UK police fully protect our diplomats in London and immediately deal with the assailants,” declared the ministry’s spokesman, Bahram Qassemi.

He also added that the UK envoy, Nicholas Hopton, offered an official apology. However, since it took a long time for the London police to arrest the assailants “several hours after the attack”, showed that they failed failure “to observe the international law,” as was said by spokesman for the Iranian government, Mohammad Bagher Nobakht.

To make it worse, the assailants have been released on bail, according to IRNA news agency. They didn’t even reveal their true identity. However, the official vowed Iran to give a “decisive response” and of course more information and details.