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Is Netanyahu Happy now? Whats and Hows of Clinching Iran Deal by Trump in a Short Look



Iran nuclear deal was finally dumped one-sided on behalf of the US. a very short look at how the deal was reached and who hindered it before and after the agreement is clarifying. 9 hours of incessant talks behind locked doors was followed by a happy news after about a decade of controversial negotiations.

Iran under Rouhani from its first days showed the signs of firm will to reach an agreement. The historic accord was signed after months of hot negotiations between the Iranian diplomats and the US, UK, France, China, Russia plus Germany. The Joint Comprehension Plan of Action was, for many, a sign of the power of negotiation and diplomacy.

The outcome, however, was not happy for on country; Israel. from the first days of the start of new wave of negotiations till the agreement day and after it, Israel was against any sort of agreement with Iran. Netanyahu did all he could and expended all he had to hinder the accord and to violate it after reaching it. His cartoon bomb at the UN in 2012, although ridiculous and weird, indicated his insistence on derailing the deal.

The US has got a long history in disloyalty and the rise of the new tycoon-president was a new era of this convention. Netanyahu was no more alone after Trump took the seat in the White House. The Lunatic president finally did what he wanted to do against what he called ‘worst-deal-ever-made’;