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Israel Keeps Silent against the US Claim that Israeli Air Force Attacks Syria



Al Hari town in Deir Ezzor, near the border of Iraq, were attacked and 52 fighters, including 22 members of an Iraqi Shia militia, were killed.

Syrian state news condemned this attack and blamed Us-led coalition fighting Isis for the damages, calling it “support for Isis”. Damascus has asked an explanation from Washington.

The US denied responsibility of this strike and told that it was conducted by the Israeli air force which shows a development in Israel’s involvement in Syria’s civil war.

As its policy, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) did not responded to these statements.

If this claim be proved, it is Israel’s first attack on Iraqi Shia forces in the country which is hundreds of miles away from the area it normally operates in.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “We will take action – and are already taking action – against efforts to establish a military presence by Iran and its proxies in Syria both close to the border and deep inside Syria. We will act against these efforts anywhere in Syria.”

Despite Israel’s neutrality on Syria’s complex civil war, it is believed that there has been over 100 strikes in different sides of the country by Israel to prevent weaponry shipment to Lebanese militant organization Hezbollah.

Similarly, it has commonly been assumed that the US strike killed at least 12 pro-government fighters though it uses a de-confliction line to avoid run-ins with the other parties.