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Israeli Air Raid Kills 1, Injures 4 in Western Syria



Invasion of Israeli Jets into the Syrian territory and strikes over the government-held areas in Western Syria led to the death of one and left four wounded.

SANA news agency, run by the Syrian state, confirmed that the Israeli air force targeted a number of points in the town of Baniyas in the coastal Latakia province and Wadi Ayoun in Syria’s Hama province.

The attack occurred while the jets were flying over Lebanon high altitude. The attack started at dusk on Tuesday, according to the reports. Most sources confirm the death of at least one person during the attack.

The Syrian government believes that Israel is behind loads of recent attacks against government-held positions and forces. Assad government claims it has evidences that striking of a weapons research facility in July was implemented by Israeli forces.

US president Donald Trump, meanwhile, warned Damascus about potential Syrian government assault against forces in the militant-held Idlib province. Kremlin reprimanded the warning saying Idlib is the “hornets’ nest of terrorists.” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov also accused Washington of adopting inappropriate policies in regard to its claims about mission to solve the Syrian crisis.

Documents released by multiple security and humanitarian organizations prove that Us, Israel, UK and their western allies are behind the generations and armament of terrorists in Syria and Iraq since 2013 when they first rose up to power in the region.