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Middle East

Israeli Warplanes Attack Military Site in Western Syria



According to SANA news agency, Israeli jets have bombarded near Masyaf in Hama province in western Syria. These were no casualties, only the material damage had been reported.

Al Mayadeen, the Lebanese channel, has reported that Israeli planes fired missiles targeting a scientific facility. Reports have stated that a Syrian military facility was the aim.

In July, Israel attacked Syria’s T-4 airbase in Homs Province in which several of its missiles were intercepted by air defenses and one of the Israeli aircraft was hit. It was the second time this year Israeli air force has targeted the T-4 airfield. In recent months, Israel has carried out missiles strikes in Syria claiming it had concerns about Iran that may use the Syrian territory to attack the Jewish state.

On May 10, Israel conducted the most severe airstrikes on Syria in decades. Russia’s Defense Ministry has declared that Israel had used 28 warplanes in airstrikes and fired 70 missiles in which the Syrian army succeeded to shoot down half of the missiles. However, Tel Aviv regime claimed that it was in response to the 20 rockets that had been fired from Syria at Israeli military outposts in Golan.

Syria has said that Israel and its Western and regional allies have been supporting Takfiri terrorist groups.