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Jacob Rees-Mogg Criticizes Theresa May for Her “Gloomy” 2017 Election



The Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, blamed Theresa May for her “gloomy” 2017 election. As he suggests, May doesn’t seem to have “fun” in Downing Street. Since Mr. Rees-Mogg, who chairs the influential European Research Group of backbench Tory Leavers, is being considered as the possible future leader, he said it would be “very difficult” for him to do the job.

In his interview at the Press Association, he was asked whether he wants to be Prime Minister. “I think ‘want’ is very much the wrong word,” he replied. “If you look at Mrs May, it seems to be quite clear she does it because it’s her duty to do it, I don’t get the impression that it’s a lot of fun for her – it’s hard work,” he added.

“I’ve got six children, it would be very, very difficult as a family man, so want is not the right word, I’m very happy as a backbencher and what I do want is Mrs. May to stay Prime Minister,” he said. Rees-Mogg also criticized her election by saying “we should have a more optimistic vision, what we had to say at the last election was so gloomy.”

When a Downing Street spokesman claimed that the PM “enjoys her job enormously”, the MP Rees-Mogg asked the Conservatives to be more like Jeremy Corbyn who he said had shown “a vision for what he believes in”.

“It was that we will manage things better than the other side will, but it is going to be really nasty, we’re going to make you sell your house if you’re elderly and if you’re young we’re not going to talk to you at all.” He continued “that doesn’t work, it was a bad idea.”