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Jacob Rees Mogg Faces the Protester’s Rage during His Speech



In his speech at the University of the West in Bristol on Friday, British MP Jacob Rees Mogg was vituperated by the protesters. Jacob Rees Mogg, one of the candidates for a future leader of the UK Conservative Party, has been a prominent supporter of the pro-Brexit pressure group.

The fracas was fired during Mr Rees-Mogg speech for the university’s Politics and International Relations Society (PAIRS). Rees Mogg, has been labeled as a “fascist” and “misogynist” by angry protesters when he was trying to have a speech in university.

The event was disheveled by public’s skirmish. According to the reports, the MP was mocked and quizzed by people and also the students. “It was interrupted by antifascists. I don’t think it was assault, I think people were trying to get him out,” said one of the eyewitnesses at the event.

“The altercation was sparked by masked protesters storming in to a Jacob Rees-Mogg event screaming words like ‘fascist,’ ‘racist’, ‘misogynist’ and Rees-Mogg decided to go and speak to them saying he believed in free speech,” said Chloe Kaye one of the protesters.

One of the protesters shouted at Mr Rees-Mogg “you’re not worth debating.” One of the other eyewitnesses said that “they were shouting ‘racist, misogynist, homophobe, sexist.’ They were talking about austerity.”

A video was played from inside the university which showed the MP was trying to terminate a fray between the protesters. However, the university spokesperson said that “we understand that these protesters were not UWE Bristol students and did not have tickets for the event. The police are now working to identify the individuals. Once the situation was calmed, Mr Rees Mogg went ahead with his speech and was escorted back to his car after the event finished.”