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Jeremy Cobryn Says Trump’s UK Visit Should be Delayed Due to His Harsh Immigration Policy



Jeremy Corbyn, the UK’s Labour Party Leader, has demanded Trump’s visit to the UK to be canceled due to the US president’s immigration policy that has separated children from their parents.

Furthermore, he attacked Theresa May, because despite all her declaration about Trump’s new policy which is distressing and wrong, she didn’t explicitly reprimand the president himself. Trump’s new policy separated over 2300 children from their parents since April.

In his visiting a refugee camp in Jordan, Corbyn said: “I wouldn’t have invited him and I think the prime minister’s got ample reasons to withhold the invitation if she wants to. We need to say very clearly to Donald Trump, We live in a multicultural society, we’re proud of it. Get over it and start living in one yourself.”

Although the pressure has made Trump to sign an executive order to keep the separated children with their parents, he believed that his harsh immigration policy is the best for American people.

In this regard, the United Nations has also condemned the Trump’s “zero policy” and said it “may amount to torture”.

However, Theresa May has denied to delay the US president’s visit, while promising to raise the immigration policy with him in this visit.