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Jeremy Corbyn Demands UK to Recognize Palestine As A State



Jeremy Corbyn said if Labour won a general election, he would make “a genuine two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And the UK would “recognize Palestine as a state” under a Labour government.

He had a speech in Jordan during his first international trip outside Europe since his election as a Labour leader in 2015. He also visited a decades-old camp for Palestinians killed in the Arab-Israeli wars.

I think there has to be a recognition of the rights of the Palestinian people to their own state which we as a Labour Party said we would recognize in government as a full state as part of the United Nations

Corbyn criticizes the Israeli government’s actions towards Palestinians and has demanded the UK to recognize Palestine as a state in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem that Israel occupied in 1967.

He attacked Western silence toward Israel’s killing of Palestinian and asked Britain to stop selling arms to Israel. And described Trump’s decision recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as a “catastrophic mistake”.

In his tour to Jordan’s largest camp for Syrian refugees, he said a Labour government would work hardly to regenerate the peace process in Syria. Because, this conflict will continue without solution, and more people will die or go to refugee camps.