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Jeremy Corbyn: “No Regrets” for Meeting the Czechoslovakian Spy



The labor leader Jeremy Corbyn declared that he is not sorry at all because of meeting Jan Sarkocy, the Czechoslovakian spy. Recently Corbyn has been accused of meeting a spy during the Cold War, which was claimed by Sarkocy himself. The claim was published by the Rupert Murdoch owned-Sun. However, he says he doesn’t feel ashamed of it.

In his interview with ITV News, Corbyn said that he was not the only one who met the Czechoslovakian spy. He claimed that “many, many” other MPs met the Jan Sarkocy, who later was known as a Soviet spy. In his speech, he didn’t show any sign of remorse.

“I met him, as did a number of other people and he was the diplomat working in the Czech Embassy and his job was to talk about peace and détente. This was the time when Gorbachev was the President of the USSR and there was a real chance of détente developing and more peace within Europe,” Corbyn said.

“We spoke about those matters. I told him what I thought and he bizarrely discovered that I was opposed to Margaret Thatcher and the Tory government. It should not have been a surprise to him but I have no knowledge of what Margaret Thatcher ever ate for breakfast. She never told me,” he added.

The interviewer asked him if he regrets about meeting with Sarkocy. Corbyn firmly answered: “No, not at all. I met him as did many, many other MPs and I also met a lot of American diplomats during that period.”

“I don’t regret any of it. Why should I?” he continued.

“I went to the US Embassy to talk to them about what I thought about their wholly wrong strategy in Central America. If you’re a serious MP and serious about international affairs, you meet people, you don’t agree with most of them but you have to meet them to understand what their position is and try and put forward your own view on peace, justice and human rights.”