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Jeremy Corbyn Welcomes Trump’s Visit Cancellation; “US Is Not Our Main Ally”



Following Trump’s cancellation of his trip to United Kingdom, Jeremy Corbyn the Labor leader of Britain declared that US is not Britain’s most important relationship.

By rejecting the assumption that United States is the most important relationship Britain has, he showed his opposition toward Donald Trump’s “endless offensive” comments. He disclosed his opinion just after Trump revealed in the reports that he had “not been shown enough love” by the British Government.

According to Jeremy Corbyn, Britain has so many other important relationships in the world, such as China and India. He also believes that the United Kingdom doesn’t have to tolerate a compulsory close relationship with US.

“No. I think there are many important relationships,” answered Mr Corbyn when he was asked whether US was the most important by ITV’s Peston On Sunday. “Also the trading relationships we have around the world with obviously the EU, but also with India and China and the rest of the world are very important,” he added.

Corbyn also emphasized on the importance of the relationship of his country with “international institutions such as the United Nations.” He condemned US by confessing: “The biggest disappointment of Donald Trump is – apart from his endless offensive remarks about women, about minorities and about different faiths – is his failure to support international institutions like the United Nations and like Unesco.”


Emily Thornberry, one of his colleagues in parliament, also criticized Mr Trump called the US President as “racist”. According to her Trump’s leadership is like an “asteroid of awfulness” which had befallen the earth.