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In a Joint Statement; UNICEF, WHO, WFP Warn about Saudi-made Humanitarian Catastrophe in Yemen



The catastrophic state of Yemen made the three United Nations Agencies warn about the upcoming disaster in the war-stricken country. “Deepening catastrophe” led the country into a circumstance that only emergent humanitarian assistance is hoped to be effective.

UNICEF, WHO, and World Food Program issued a joint statement in which they explained that Yemen has turned to “the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.”

The condition, the statement says, is likely to worsen as no trace of international decision to help is on the sight. More than three fourth of the population is in emergent need of help. Children as the most vulnerable group comprise a major part of needy people with 11.3 million on the verge of starvation and death.

“It is critical that these supplies are maintained, as restrictions on fuel imports have caused the price of diesel fuel to double, threatening access to safe water and sanitation, and urgent medical care,” part of the statement read.

Statistics also show that 50 percent of people have no security of food for their next meals. The statement comes after 1000 days have passed the invasion of Yemen by Saudi Arabia.

Following the start of violent attacks and strikes in Yemen by Saudi-led coalition, the monarchy blocked any help from reaching the country. Starvation, lack of healthcare services and water pollution, in turn, led to another disaster; cholera.

The widespread outbreak of cholera has killed thousands so far and has reportedly inflicted more than 1 million others. The blockade has been even tightened since last month after a series of disputes with Houthis.