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Juncker Claims to Be a Better British Prime Minister than Theresa May



In his speech at a European Council summit on Friday, the President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker slammed at the UK Prime Minister Theresa May by degrading her reactions and operations as a PM. In his interview with the reporters, he said that it would be certainly “good for Britain” if he himself was the prime minister of UK.

At the European Council, Juncker was asked what would be the outcome of Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations. In reply he claimed that “I am not a British prime minister, it would be good for Britain if I was.” His response brought a huge amount of reactions in social media.

There appeared so many posts and tweets in which people showed their opposition toward his comments. It was not welcomed at all.

His controversial comment, followed the discretion he made on Thursday at EU Commission press conference, where he claimed that he would “never interfere” in UK party politics. He declared that he “fully trusts” May and her decisions on Brexit within her Conservative Party.

At EU Commission press conference he has also supported 62 Tory ministers who sent a “ransom” letter to the Prime Minister. In the letter they asked May to employ a tougher Brexit approach. “I have full trust in the British prime minister, and I will never interfere in a party controversial matters,” Juncker said. Jean-Claude Juncker and Theresa may had visited each other during a dinner at Downing Street in April last year. In the meeting, she talked about her decisions on UK dropout.