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Liam Fox Backs Ben Bradley in Accusing Jeremy Corbyn of Betrayal



Following the Tory MP Ben Bradley’s apology over the wrong spy claims about the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Liam Fox announced that Corbyn was “very useful” to the Soviet Union and “undermined” the security of the country. He supported Mr. Bradley and said that he was a “very good man” that raised concerns about the issue.

Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, claimed that the Labour left Jeremy Corbyn had been “useful idiots” and acted in a way that “damaged” the country, especially the national security. Recently, it has been revealed that Mr. Corbyn had a meeting with a communist spy, a Czech agent, in the 1980s.

However, Corbyn rejected all the allegations and recognized them as “ridiculous smears”. Later, the Conservative MP Ben Bradley was forced to apologize. In an interview with BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Liam Fox claimed that Mr. Corbyn had “betrayed” his country Britain by meeting Jan Sarkocy.

He also said that “I certainly think that the Labour left were the Soviet Union’s useful idiots during that period.” “I certainly believe and I think it is true that Jeremy Corbyn and others were very useful to the Soviet Union during the Cold War because they undermined the arguments of the West,” he continued.

“I think in the broadest sense he was undermining the security of our country by siding with the Soviet Union in that argument and I think that was very damaging to the country,” he believed. It was “very clear that Jeremy Corbyn and his fellow left wingers were undermining the case for our security,” he added.