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London’s Murder Rate Surpasses New York’s



In recent few months there have been so many reports about knife crime in UK. It reached the crisis levels which made people and authorities worried. According to the reports, what has been new is that London’s murder rate has passed New York’s.

In the last two months, a total number of 37 murders have been committed in London. In February, 15 murders were recorded by the Metropolitan Police compared to 14 in New York, while 22 killings were recorded in London for March compared to 21 in the US city.

These two cities have been compared because of their almost same populations of 8.7 million (London) and 8.6 million (New York City). New York City’s murder rate has decreased by around 87 percent since the 1990s, while the number of London murders, excluding victims of terrorism, has risen by almost 40 percent since 2014.

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that: “Following massive government cuts to police forces and preventative services over the course of nearly eight years, crime is rising across the country, particularly violent crime such as knife crime and robbery.”

A former Metropolitan Police detective chief inspector, Peter Kirkham, said that: “I mean there’s lots of reasons why societies are more or less violent at different times – socioeconomic reasons, but the obvious change that has happened over the past eight years is the total reduction of policing.”

“The Metropolitan Police’s murder squad used to solve 90 percent plus of their murders – I’m hearing now they’re down below 75 percent because they’ve been cut back. Every aspect of policing has been damaged,” he added.

“The government seem intent on cutting police further and further. The Metropolitan Police are due to lose another £400 million before 2020 and so they’re likely to lose between 1,500 and 3,000 further police officers, and so that is going to make things even worse. So my anticipation is that the murder rate and the crime rate generally will just rise exponentially,” he continued.