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“It Makes Me Feel Pretty Sick” that Barwell is May’s Right-hand Man – Labour MP



The Labour MP Emma Dent Coad complained about the former housing minister, Gavin Barwell, in her interview with RT. She said it makes her “feel sick” that Gavin Barwell is now Theresa May’s right-hand man. He is the man who ignored requests for action on fire safety before the Grenfell blaze.

Gavin Barwell refused to answer any question about the safety regulation relating to tower blocks ahead of the devastating Grenfell fire. He just remained silent when the reporters asked him the questions. However, in the last year’s general election, he was immediately taken on as May’s most senior aide

He was also accused to be in charge of the Lakanal inquiry, in which a tower block was on fire in 2009 in Camberwell, London, where six people were killed. But no allegations were attributed to him after the fires.

“We’ve been calling for the government to implement those recommendations for several years now and they haven’t done it,” the Labour Emma Dent Coad, who is the MP for Kensington and Chelsea said, where the devastating Grenfell Tower blaze was started.

“It makes me feel pretty sick actually [that Barwell is now Prime Minister Theresa May’s right-hand man]. We’re all very aware of that. We are very, very aware of that,” she said. “I’m doing everything I can night and day [for the victims of Grenfell]. We have dedicated caseworkers trying to lobby for them, we’re hitting the people in charge of the council,” Dent Coad added.