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May ‘Has Got to Make a Decision’ the MPs Warn



Theresa May’s hesitate and delay over the Brexit issue, is getting her into the hot water. The senior Tories warned her that she might face leadership spill if she doesn’t put some new strategies in proposal on leaving the EU. She may have leave her position, unless she makes a firm decision.

“It comes back to the fact that no one knows what the prime minister really thinks – everyone’s projecting their worst fears on to her,” a senior pro-Brexit Tory said in an interview with the Guardian. “She’s as vulnerable as she’s ever been,” a backbencher added, “She’s got to make a decision.”

Even the Brexiteers showed some concerns about the Prime Minister’s weakness. Theresa Villiers, Former Northern Ireland Secretary, claimed that Britain is in EU “in all but name.” she also expressed that May is just weakening the Brexit.

“Since the prime minister set out a bold vision in her Lancaster House speech, the direction of travel seems to have gone in only one single direction: towards a dilution of Brexit,” added Villier. “If the government goes too much further down that path, there is a real danger that it will sign up to an agreement which could keep us in the EU in all but name, and which would therefore fail to respect the referendum result.”

May has been undermined not only by the opposite party, but also by her own party. Her MPs warned her unwillingness to set out her Brexit plans in more detail. Since the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond said there should only be “modest changes” to Britain’s relationship with the EU, the MPs put pressure on her to discipline the Chancellor.