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May Has “No Idea, No Clarification” about What She Wants from Brexit – Manfred Weber



In his interview with the journalists at the European Parliament, Manfred Weber said that UK Government had provided “no clarification” on Brexit. Manfred Weber, the leader of the largest group of MEPs in the European Parliament, complained that UK is leaving the EU with “no idea” about what it wants to do after.

Recently Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator, claimed that Theresa May is locked in “a domestic negotiation” with her own cabinet. A few days later, Manfred Weber announced that the Prime Minister won’t say what she wants from Brexit, since she doesn’t know.

Mr. Weber, who is the leader of the center-right European People’s Party group, the largest transnational group in the European Parliament, believes that UK needs “to come out with concrete proposals very soon”. He also claimed that “I don’t really enjoy reading newspapers, especially bought from London, about Brexit at the moment.”

He said: “Because I read, for example, ‘we don’t want a soft Brexit’, I read ‘we don’t want a hard Brexit’, I read ‘we don’t want a customs union’, I read ‘we don’t want to contribute to the EU budget in the future’. I read ‘we don’t want to accept EU standards and cannot guarantee the rights of EU citizens’ and, finally, ‘we don’t want the business sector to suffer from Brexit’.

“So I hear a lot of things which London don’t want, but for the moment I have no idea what they want. No idea, no clarification about their orientation, about what they want to achieve,” Mr. Weber told journalists. Later on, he expressed that “with such a state of mind” nothing will be achieved.