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May Reveals Trump’s Advice to Sue the EU not Negotiate



According to Theresa May, Trump has advised her to sue the European Union over Brexit. She added that Trump told her to take the entire trade bloc to the court without thinking about negotiating with Brussels. Most Brexiteers had suspected that Trump advised May to stay away from talks though he denied it. He apologized from the reporters and claimed that it was just a suggestion to her to do things differently.

I think she found it maybe too brutal, and that’s OK. I gave her a suggestion, not advice. I could fully understand why she thought it was a little bit tough.

In an interview to the Sun, Trump criticized May’s Brexit plan and said it would prevent a trade deal between the US and the UK that embarrassed the prime minister.

May told to BBC about his advice:

 He told me I should sue the EU – sue the EU – not go into negotiations, sue them.

Trump apologized to May, saying they should pursue the UK’s own Brexit policy and negotiations but “Just make sure you can trade with us.”

Then she indicated that she had disregarded the advice and said they are going into negotiations with the EU which was interpreted as a put-down of Trump.