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May’s Attempt to Bypass Brussels Fails as No-deal Brexit Intensifies



Theresa May has tried to bypass Brussels and deal directly with EU nations, but her effort has been rejected because no deal Brexit is going to be intensified. Furthermore, the European parliament would veto her Chequers deal if she doesn’t have a new plan for the Irish border.

Although May and her cabinet began a charm offensive across European countries, the officials expressed skepticism about her plan. She met Austrian chancellor and Czech counterpart to build alliances before Brexit date, but Czech state secretary for European affairs stated that there was a “clear problem with the fact that the EU will not have a mechanism to control its borders and it would be delegated – without any EU control – to a third country, which would be Britain after March”.

He added that May’s proposal on single market doesn’t have a balance between the rights and obligations and she should avoid “trying to find loopholes in the EU position”.

The French officials believed that the British plan was so complex and risky that has no benefit for it and its businesses, so the EU wouldn’t accept it.

A poll has revealed that 72 percent of voters do not have confidence in May’s ability to have a good deal with Brussels. Only 29 percent of voters said that May’s Chequers would be a good thing for Britain while 47 percent suggested it would be bad and 19 percent stated that they did not know.