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May’s Silence toward Trump’s Racist Behavior Caused Widespread Condemnation



Since Trump’s first day of taking his office one year ago, he has been accused of racism in different issues. He has been also condemned by so many countries across the world. He is known as a racist and also as a man who tries to spread racism.

His racist behavior has always been followed by a wide range of oppositions. People, from all around the world, show their objections toward him by taking to the streets. However, he doesn’t seem to stop his unfavorable remarks.

There was a meeting on immigration at the White House on Thursday. According to US Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, Trump used “shithole” word when he was talking about Haiti, El Salvador, and some African nations.

Trump was commenting on banning immigrants into America from those countries. His rigid use of words has been condemned by African and Haitian politicians, by the United Nations human rights office and by US lawmakers.

Now a few days after the meeting, there can be heard severe condemnation from different countries. “We know he’s a racist, he’s demonstrated that… he’s a racist both in his actions and his words,” said Derrick Johnson, president of the NAACP.

What is making people mad is Theresa May’s silence toward Trump’s racist behavior. While most of the countries are slamming and condemning Trump’s racist language, British Prime Minister Theresa May insists that Donald Trump is “welcome” in the UK, and she said that she’s “confident” he will visit at a later date.

As so many experts suggest, May’s reaction to the issue is indicating her agreement with Trump. Her silence is legitimizing Trump’s sickening behavior. Her devastating behavior has been criticized by people both inside and outside UK.