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Merkel Dares to Mock May in Public; as the Result of Tumults in UK Government



Following the tumult and the controversies Britain has recently experienced over the Brexit issue, Germany gave up any respects it had previously for the UK government. Chancellor Angela Merkel brazenly ridiculed British Prime Minister Theresa May, which sends words about the tensions between the two female leaders.

May’s unwillingness, or better to say her weakness, in offering a clear solution for Brexit gave dare to many authorities to criticize her. People, MPs, and authorities labeled her as being unable to lay out her plans. She has been even warned to be dismissed if she couldn’t talk about her plans clearly.

In the meantime, Merkel mocked the Prime Minister in public. In her interview with reporters at a World Economic Forum event, Merkel said she is locked in a “loop” with Theresa May. She also revealed that May asked her to “make me an offer.” “But you’re leaving – we don’t have to make you an offer. Come on, what do you want?” Merkel replied according to the ITV News’ Robert Peston, which caused the journalists to laugh.

The British MPs also threatened the Prime Minister by their vote of no confidence. The phrase ‘BRINO’ – Brexit In Name Only – is another issue which is drawing attention to itself recently. One year has almost gone before Brexit’s March 2019 deadline, and the people are impatiently waiting for the result. Downing Street’s silence provoke the widespread rumors that the cabinet is in disarray.