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Netanyahu Forces the Dissolution of UN Palestinian Refugee Agency



After Donald Trump’s assertion on cuttings its payments to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), due to its veto of relocating the Israel’s capital to Jerusalem, now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants this agency to be disappeared.

Considering the UN Palestinian refugee agency as a threat to Israel’s existence, Benjamin Netanyahu showed his consent about Trump’s decision to cut the funding.

“I fully agree with President Trump’s strong criticism of UNRWA,” declared Netanyahu on Sunday. “I made a simple suggestion that the funds for UNRWA should be gradually transferred to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, with clear criteria for supporting real refugees, rather than fictitious refugees, which is what is happening today under UNRWA,” he continued.

The life of millions of Palestinians depends on the helps UN Palestinian refugee agency provides for them. Its focus is on education, health care, and social services. It has also tried to keep the hope of returning to their lands alive among the Palestinians.

“Great-grandchildren of refugees, who are not refugees, but who are cared for by UNRWA,” should not receive financial help, Netanyahu asserted on Sunday. According to him, the descendants of them will be a threat for Israel. “This absurd situation must end,” he added brutally.

Trump introduced his decision as a ‘peace process’. He also said that he will insist on his mediation, unless the Palestinians agree to negotiate with Israelis. The Palestinian authorities, however, have rejected Trump’s offer. This is while Israeli authorities welcome it.