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Nigel Farage Accuses Jeremy Corbyn of Betraying Britain



In his speech on the BBC’s Daily Politics program, the Brexiteer Nigel Farage accused Jeremy Corbyn to be a betrayer. Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader, believes that Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit speech was just a “sell-out”.

Jeremy Corbyn’s controversial speech on Brexit, and his emphasis on continuing customs union with the EU was followed by a large amount of oppositions. So many of people and authorities called him a betrayer, who doesn’t support the policies of his own country. Corbyn even ignores the Labour voters who are on the side of Brexit.

“The public believed that actually the Brexit they voted for was going to happen and now, a few months down the road we’re seeing a very different picture,” Farage said.

“There are 4 million Labour voters, who voted for Corbyn, who genuinely want immigration reduced significantly and want us to leave the single market, the customs union, and be an independent country. So this is a sell-out, by any measure,” Nigel Farage emphasized.

In his speech in Coventry on Monday, Jeremy Corbyn declared that he was able to make UK to stay with the customs union and also talk on any future trade deal. Farage disagreed with it and said: “Governments don’t negotiate trade deals, the EU commission negotiates trade deals. If you’re part of the customs union you will not be involved in that.”

A number of Labour MPs, criticized Corbyn’s announcement. Backbencher Chris Leslie said “the only sure and certain way to get the benefits of single market membership is to be a member of the single market and we should not pretend otherwise.” The Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable also said that Corbyn’s approach to Brexit is a “small step to sanity.”