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Nikki Haley’s Extraordinary Psychic Abilities; ‘I Know Who Will Use Chemical Weapons in Idlib



The new wave of talks about the upcoming assault on Idlib to clear the region off the ISIS militants has made ground for US ambassador to the United Nations for new round of nonsense.

In fresh remarks about recent movements in Syria, Nikki Haley noted that she is aware about the “exact” group” who will use chemical weapons in Idlib. Haley’s comments follow controversies about the terrorist’s plan to trigger US intervention by making a false flag attack.

Nikki Haley, displaying supernatural psychic abilities in predicting political and military strategies, express that the Syrian government could “continue to go the route of taking over Syria”

If there are chemical weapons that are used [in Idlib], we know exactly who is going to use them.

The US government has always tended to blame Syrian government for chemical attacks while no evidence proved the allegations against Assad government. This is , however, the first time the US officials put the blame on Syria before it even occurs in the field.

As investigative journalist Rick Sterling notes,

In the past when an incident happened, they automatically claimed they knew who was responsible, even before there was an investigation or evidence. And now they’ve even gone further. So even before the incident happens, they claim to know who’s responsible

All reports and investigations regarding the chemical attacks in Syria since 2013 exonerate the Assad government of any involvement while mostly introduce the terrorists as the implementer. This is while a large number of other evidences prove the role of US, UK and Israel in arming the terrorists in Iraq and Syria.