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No “Internal Barriers”; DUP Leader Directs Brexit Negotiations into a New Controversy



The controversial Brexit talks turned to a main topic over which Democratic Unionist leader Arlene Foster talked about in a speech addressed to the DUP faithful gathered for the party’s annual conference in Belfast. Foster condemned any negotiation over creating a border in the Irish sea between Northern Ireland and the British mainland.

She asserted that the Northern Ireland has always been a part of Britain and it would not be negotiable at any time. “Northern Ireland is British and British it will remain,” Foster said adding that the country will leave the EU as “one United Kingdom.”

While the controversies over the hows and whats of at Brexit timing and execution mounts more, the disputes over the inclusiveness of the decisions for all regions and allies is adding more dimensions to the issue.

Foster’s reaction comes after Northern Ireland’s borders has proved to be a serious point in Brexit negotiations. It was formerly warned by the government of the Republic of Ireland that re-instating a “hard border’ would lead Ireland to stop the proceeding of the talks onto trade terms.

The island has been politically split in two since 1922, following the Irish war for independence, which resulted in the creation of the then Irish Free State (now the Republic) and Northern Ireland.

This is while both Dublin and EU supported the idea of a customs border to be established on the British mainland. Foster, however, claimed that the plan will lead to the damage in the country’s position in Europe.

We want a sensible Brexit. A Brexit that works for Northern Ireland and for the United Kingdom. However, we will not support any arrangements that create barriers to trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

While firstly taken as an economic saving plan, Brexit has proved too convoluted and multi-dimensional. Recurrent controversies on different issues and disputes over details do not promise a constructive Brexit for the British community.