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Palestinian Teen Activist Ahed Tamimi Banned from Traveling Abroad, Her Father Claims



Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi and her family have been banned from traveling abroad, the activist’s father said. Tamimi, who is considered to be a symbol of Palestinian resistance, was freed from jail in July.

The Tamimi family planned to travel to Europe via Jordan in order to participate in events and speak about Palestinian resistance, as well as Ahed’s experience of eight months’ detention in an Israeli jail, the teen’s father, Basim al-Tamimi told Anadolu Agency on Friday. They were due to leave on Friday morning. However, Palestinian authorities told them that Israel had banned their family from traveling abroad, Basim said, adding that no reasons were given for the ban.

Tamimi was arrested December 2017 after a video of an incident with Israeli troops, filmed by her mother, went viral. She was sentenced to eight months behind bars for verbally and physically confronting armed Israeli soldiers in her home village. She faced 12 charges, including assault and incitement. Since her arrest, a number of her family members have also been detained.

Her imprisonment has been highlighted amid violence at the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip, where dozens of Palestinians have been reported killed and hundreds injured by Israeli fire.
Tamimi has become an icon of Palestinian resistance and has even been called the Palestinian Joan of Arc.

She was released from jail and returned to the West Bank in late July. Speaking to RT after her release, she said that she will continue to fight for the Palestinian cause, despite the hardship she faced in an Israeli military prison. “I hope nobody ever goes through what I went through. But I’m glad I ended up there for my beliefs,” the 17-year-old activist told RT Arabic. “And I’m ready to go to prison a hundred more times if it serves the good of my country.”