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Pedophiles to Join LGBT Community on Way to De-stigmatization



According to LifeSiteNews, a pedophile group has tried to call themselves “Minor Attracted Persons” (MAPs) to destigmatize pedophilia.

Gay groups are , however, upset because the same pedophile group has claimed that they are a part of the LGBT community and are going to create their own version of the rainbow flag for Gay Pride Month. However, the MAP group that has distanced from the pedophile because of political and judicial expediency, is seeking to reconnect to the gay community.

The gay rights movement has focused on some issues such as winning the same-sex marriage and serving in the military. The gay movement’s root was anti-religious and anti-nuclear family, which see sexual liberation for all ignoring their age. Gays, particularly married gay and lesbian couples, are parts of the establishment who are angry over the pedophiles’ identification with them. website tries to show pedophilia as a non-dangerous characteristic of the MAP declaring that “everyone (including minor attracted persons or MAPs) deserves support.” Nevertheless, gays, lesbians and their supporters have attempted to stay away from the MAP. They tweeted that MAP (minor attracted persons) is just a term to normalize pedophilia.

It is believed that Pedophiles will be reacted by a harsh blow by LGBT community as there seems to be no congruity in beliefs and life attitudes of the the two groups.

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