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People’s Anger will Make Trump to Stay Away from London in UK Visit



UK government has scheduled to keep Trump away from London due to the mass protests against him. He will stay in residences around the country.

Many people are going to attend demonstrations in London and other cities against his trade and foreign policy. Trump’s trip will end in Scotland which will exacerbate anger, because people believe that he will play golf with British taxpayers covering the £5m cost of security.

A key element of Trump’s trip to the London is UK’s military and its capabilities. The focus on defense comes when Trump saw the French military parade on Bastille Day earlier this year and was impressed. After that, the leader of the countries, Trump and Macron have formed a close relationship and he suggested France as the “partner of choice” to the US defense secretary Jim Mattis.

In this regard, the Downing Street spokesman said:

In every aspect of our relationship, we are seeking to deepen our special relationship and defense is one of those, and security. Our armed forces have fought together for over a century and no two countries work closer together in defense cooperation, and that element of the visit is a reflection of that.

It is believed that, Trump would be able to hear the sound of people in demonstrations on the streets around the country that are against his policies particularly immigration policy.