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The Pink Pu*syhats Give Power to Women in their Anti-Trump Protests



After Donald Trump’s inauguration, the streets of Washington were full of furious people rallying against the new president. Hundreds of thousands of women held a rally to advocate women’s right. They showed their protests at the Women’s March with their little pink hats with cat ears, which was called “Pussyhats”.

The movement was called Pussyhat Project. It was started by Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman. Their goal was to create “sea of pink” at the protest in Washington, D.C. “If everyone at the march wears a pink hat, the crowd will be a sea of pink, showing that we stand together, united,” Pussyhat Project website announced.

“It’s reappropriating the word ‘pussy’ in a positive way. It’s a pussyhat — one word. This is a project about women supporting women” said Zweiman. The movement connote femininity and womanhood.

Pink is considered a very female color representing caring, compassion, and love – all qualities that have been derided as weak but are actually STRONG.

“Wearing pink together is a powerful statement that we are unapologetically feminine and we unapologetically stand for women’s rights.” Their focus was on knitting not buying the hats. “Knitting circles are sometimes scoffed at as frivolous ‘gossiping circles,’ when really, these circles are powerful gatherings of women, a safe space to talk, a place where women support women.”

The Pussyhat Project was in response to Trump’s derision of women. Trump has sexually assaulted women from the very beginning of his inauguration. He has denigrated women with cruel words and phrases. His assertion on punishing women for abortion, was followed by a wide range of protests.

In the demonstrations against Trump, women tried to show that women’s rights are human rights. Over 500,000 people gathered to defend gender equality. They demonstrated their opposition toward mistreatments in their society. “The answer is not to take away our pussies” they believe. They are in search of “fair treatment.”


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