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Prince William’s Trip Is a Mask for Israel’s Human Right Abuses



Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) believed that Prince William’s visit to the Middle East would be used by Israel as a mask for its human right abuses against Palestine. He added that royal family members don’t make an official visit to Israel because of its “historic and grave violations of human rights, international law and UN resolutions.”

The duke of Cambridge is going to meet Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, be meeting Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah. This visit coincides with Israel’s 70th anniversary and the heightened tension between Israel and Palestine.

Israel killed 120 people and injured 13000 in its recent attack against unarmed Palestinians in Gaza, and defended it by calling it a self-defense against Hamas. PSC stated:

 In the aftermath of the killings, Israel has continued to refuse demands for an independent investigation. This visit by Prince William reinforces the UK government’s historic policy of turning a blind eye to gross violations of human rights when they are committed by the Israeli government.

It is, therefore, crucial that all attempts to use this visit by Prince William to normalize Israel’s continuous and systematic violations of human rights and humanitarian law are resisted. It is clear that the Israeli government will use the trip to achieve just that.

This trip comes after it was revealed the UK made profits from licensing arms sales to Israel.