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The Protesters Took into Downing Street against NHS Crisis



Thousands of protesters held a rally to show their rage about the shortages of NHS funding under the name of “NHS in crisis: Fix it now”. They marched on Downing Street and demanded more consideration for health service. The demonstration was organized by the People’s Assembly and Health Campaigns Together.

The National Health Service or as is called NHS, is suffering from funding shortages which turned to be the ‘worst winter crisis on record’. The protesters gathered in central London with banners with the words “kick the Tories out”, “more staff, more beds, more funds”, and “keep your hands off our NHS.”

Jamie was seen among the protesters in his wheelchair, a disability rights advocate. He lost his legs in a serious car crash 21 years ago. “I owe my life to the NHS,” he expressed. “There is a tragedy unfolding and the fact is that so many desperate people are traumatized, stigmatized and stressed by work-capability testing,” he continued.

“My mother was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, received expert emergency care, stayed in hospital for two weeks to recover, was treated daily by consultants, physical therapists, occupational therapists and nursing staff, was escorted home in a taxi and checked on three times a day for a further five weeks,” said the actor Ralf Little.

Little invited Jeremy Hunt to attend the demonstration. The Shadow Health Secretary, Jon Ashworth has also attended the demonstration. He expressed that NHS is experiencing its worst winter on record, on its 70th anniversary. The hospitals complain that their beds are full. The heads of major A&E departments wrote to Theresa May and warned her that patients were “dying prematurely in corridors” because they could not be cared for.