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Middle East

Protests in Israel Against Netanyahus Corruptions



Reports indicate that Israelis continue their protests against Netanyahu and his wife and the chain of corruption they have committed. Netanyahu has been under criminal investigation for years.

Angry demonstrators called for the resignation of the Prime Minister shouting “Crime Minister.” Some governmental officials have also been alleged with economic and political corruptions in recent weeks.

Netanyahu is alleged for involvement in two different case. In one, receiving gifts from wealthy businessmen as a bribery to provide services has put the PM under justice. In another, negotiating a deal with a newspaper owner for better coverage in return for curbs on a rival daily. The Israeli PM rejected both cases calling them political plots against him.

Corruption in the body of Israeli administration and their revelation in recent years has sparked recurrent waves of infuriation and despair in Israeli society. Netanyahu has described himself as a victim of a political witch hunt and said of the cases against him: “There will be nothing because there is nothing.”

The protests is expected to continue as no trace of change of proceeding with judicial process is on the sight.