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Muslims in UK Are Threatened by “Punish a Muslim Day” letters



Six reports of letters advertising “Punish a Muslim Day” were received by West Yorkshire Police. In London and Birmingham similar letters with the same content were sent to people, too. Therefore, detectives started a hate crime probe with the diffusion of attacking the Muslims.

The letters promise “rewards” for violent acts toward the Muslims. The letters also encourage people to “torture” and “butcher” Muslims in a day of Islamophobic violence which is on 3 April. The Police is investigating the letters and is trying to obtain more information.

“Counter Terrorism Policing North East are coordinating the investigation at this time and will consider any potential links to existing enquiries,” said one of the spokesmen. “Anyone with any concerns about a communication they may have received should contact their local police force,” he added.

One of these horrifying letters was sent to the business address of Bradford councilor. In his interview with the Telegraph and Argus he said that: “When I opened it and saw the content I was horrified.” “I think it has been sent out by a group with the intent of alarming people and to stir up racial hatred,” he continued.

“My main concern is that it could get into the hands of other disaffected people in Bradford who just need that push to act. Some people may look at is at a sick joke. I don’t,” said the councilor. “I am alarmed by its content, especially where it mentions acid because of all the recent reports in the media of acid attacks.”

Iman Atta, the director of anti-Muslim hate monitoring service Tell MAMA, said: “This has caused quite a lot of fear within the community.” “They are asking if they are safe, if their children are safe to play outdoors. We have told them to keep calm, and to phone the police if they receive one of these letters,” Atta added.