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Punish Theresa May for ‘Brexit Chaos’ in the Upcoming Local Election – Sadiq Khan



In his speech, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has requested the EU citizens to punish the President Theresa May in the upcoming local elections. He has also criticized the Tory government over their Brexit policy.

In his interview with the Evening Standard, Sadiq Khan declared that the future May’s local elections will be the best opportunity for London’s 1.1 million EU citizens to show their dissatisfaction with the current policy especially the Tories.

However, according to the constitution, the EU citizens who live in the United Kingdom cannot vote in general elections. But they can take part in in local elections. So they can use this early summer vote to apply pressure to the Conservative party and the direction of their Brexit negotiations.

“We need to send the Tory Government a message that we don’t want their chaotic, extreme, hard Brexit approach — before it’s too late and the damage is irrevocably done,” Sadiq Khan said. “The clock is ticking — and while the Tories fight amongst themselves, putting their narrow party interests first, the fate of jobs and growth for Londoners and people across the country hangs in the balance,” he continued.

“This is our last chance to tell the Tories that we want a Brexit deal that works for us — including continued membership of the Single Market and Customs Union, and access to talent that we so desperately need to succeed,” Sadiq Khan declared. Around 1.1 million EU citizens in UK are able to vote. An estimated 51,000 of them are in Barnet and up to 39,000 in Wandsworth.