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Queen Evades Helping Brexit Papers Released



But Buckingham Palace insisted that despite the formal manoeuvre, the Queen did not intend to intervene in the row.

A spokesman said last night: “Parliamentary procedures are a matter for Parliament.”

Labour won the vote last night after the Tories refused to oppose it – meaning the Government is now obliged to send the 58 impact assessments to MPs.

Ministers have signalled that they will refuse to release the documents in full, setting up a constitutional clash.

This morning Brexit minister Robin Walker insisted that the Government will respond to last night’s vote and will not ignore the motion.

But he didn’t give a timescale for the release of the papers and suggested that it might not be possible to publish them in an easily understandable version.

Mr Walker told MPs: “The documents requested don’t exist in a form as suggested by the motion.”

Brexit Secretary David Davis told the Commons ministers would be “as open as we can be” over the hidden papers and revealed he is in talks with Brexit committee chairman Hilary Benn about them.

He added: “These documents are not some sort of grand plan, they’re data about the regulations and the markets of individual sectors which inform our negotiation.”

Keir Starmer, his Labour opposite number, warned that Mr Davis must turn over the papers within a week.

Ministers have previously warned that releasing the documents in full would damage Britain in negotiations with the EU.

But Labour and other opposition parties say that publishing redacted versions would be a contempt of Parliament which could lead to disciplinary action for Conservative bosses.