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Riyadh’s Huge Bribes For Shutting Down Yemeni Media



According to Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement, Saudi Arabia, which has caused a deadly war on country, is giving bribes to foreign associations to shut anti-Saudi Yemeni media.

The movement’s spokesman, Mohammad Abdul-Salam, says only in one stance Riyadh had given about “$30 million to a foreign satellite company to block a Yemeni news channel for just 30 days.” He added that the Saudi Arabia-led military coalition was “sparing no effort” to muffle the Yemeni people’s true voice in country’s satellite TV channels and radio stations.

Moreover, he mentioned that all these attempts were failed when the media office of Yemen’s Operations Command revealed their true nature.

 What the enemy is doing against the anti-invasion media outlets, either Yemeni or non-Yemeni, are mere oppressive acts aimed at obscuring the facts and distorting the reality, similar to what they have done and are doing against the Palestinian cause

Abdul-Salam’s statements were a response to the conference held in Jeddah in which the military coalition member states and their allied journalists tried different ways to fight against Yemeni media.

Saudi Arabia and its allies began the war on Yemen to crush the Houthi movement, which helped the Yemeni army to defend the country against invaders, to reestablish the Saudi-backed Hadi regime. In this regard, Several Western countries, particularly the US and the UK, have been accused of being involved in the war as they supply the weapons of the Riyadh regime.