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Road to Brexit: Theresa May’s Weariest Speech Ever



Theresa May’s latest speech, called ‘Road to Brexit’, was followed by lots of rumbles around it; from the audible yawns from the politicians during the speech to Boris Johnson who even missed the address and didn’t listen at all.

The occurrences during the speech have been so bold that attracted much more attention than the speech itself. Twitter was so surprised that how a speech can be so trifling that doesn’t have anything to say at all. Consequently, when there is nothing to be said, there would be nothing to be heard, as the UK foreign secretary missed what had been said on relations between the EU and UK.

The Prime Minister of United Kingdom finished her speech with “Let’s get on with it,” which rose the question get along with what exactly? The New Statesman deputy editor Helen Lewis talked about the feeling of all the journalists who were there to watch the speech. She was asking what she had done to deserve this.

After her controversial speech, the social media has become replete with opposite Tweets, posts, GIFs which demonstrated the worthlessness of the speech. Paul Mason posted: “This @theresa_may speech now contending with Labour’s 1983 Manifesto for “longest suicide note in history” so much detail, so much vacuity.”

One of the GIFs which exactly displayed what’s happening in UK now on Brexit issue, has been reused several times in social media. It has become a perfect metaphor for Brexit negotiations, and the Road to Brexit in general.