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Saudi Crown Prince Wants to Bribe British Officials to Stop Media Campaign



Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, has reportedly rebuked the Kingdom’s FM Adel al-Jubier and Saudi ambassador to UK Mohammed Bin Nawwaf Bin Abdulaziz after the Kingdom’s foreign policies regarding the war on Yemen were severely criticized for by western media, especially in the UK. Such criticism and denunciation forced the Saudi Crown Prince to delay his visit to London.

According to statements made by Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Ali al-Maqoushi, a Saudi official at the Saudi embassy in London, the enraged Bin Salman addressed the two aforementioned senior officials by saying:

Instead of diplomacy, you have to learn how to pay British officials huge amounts of money and give them expensive gifts…and they know – each time – how to get more money and gifts instead of diplomatic grumble and other procedures“, al-Maqoushi quoted Bin Salman, “learn diplomacy from the Emiratis“, he added.

According to al-Maqoushi, Bin Salman cited the Emirati Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Zayed, who – following a campaign by British media against the UAE – managed to force the British Prime Minister Theresa May to send him a formal apology letter.

However, Adel al-Jubier told Bin Salman that the Emirati official paid up to $100 million to May who eventually only sent a verbal apology. Bin Salman ruled out the claim saying he has seen the apology letter himself.

The session – says al-Maqoushi – ended with Bin Salman threatening to sack al-Jubier and Mohammed Bin Nawwaf if the anti-Al Saud campaign launched by British media and research centers is not stopped.