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Middle East

Saudi-led Coalition Backs Zionist in Attacks Against Yemen



Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, the leader of Houthi Anasrullah movement, said that the Saudi coalition wants to help the Zionist regime in reaching its goals in the region. For taking the whole country, its island, coasts and ports, they use lies and excuses to legislate its attacks.

The invaders thought that they could take over the western coast overnight and easily conquer the coastal region, but their failure has become known to everyone.

He praised people for their supports, and asked the nation to reinforce the battle against invaders.

Riyadh and its allies have started military operation in the past few weeks against Hudaydah to make the Houthis leave Sana and other parts of Yemen. Although the Saudi-led coalition has attacked airstrikes from the Red Sea, it has achieved a little on the ground.

The United Arab Emirates has claimed that there was a pause in the operation while the local Yemeni media has shown that the Saudi-led coalition has continued the attacks unabated in Hudaydah during the past days.

Over the past three years, Saudi devastating attacks against Yemen have killed over 15000 innocent civilians and destroyed the country’s infrastructures such as hospitals, schools, and factories. A lot of people need helps and are at the risk of starvation.