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Saudi-led Jets Hit a Bus in Yemen and Kill Nine Civilian



After a Saudi-led military coalition warplanes struck a bus carrying homeless people in Hudayedeh, at least nine civilians have been killed and several have been injured.

According to al-Masirah TV network report, the airstrike hit the bus on a road between two towns of Jarrahi and Zabid in which three of the dead had been torn to pieces. It added that at least 11 other people had been wounded in this aerial aggression.

Since June 13, the Saudi-led military coalition and the militia loyal to Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, Yemen’s former president, have fired the port city Hudaydah, which is heavily populated and is the entry point of the impoverished country.

They are trying to take this vital port and its international airport from Houthi Anasrullah, which have helped Yemen army in defending the country against invaders during the past three years. This brutal war began in March 2015 by Saudi Arabia and its allies to reinstall the Hadi regime. It has destroyed many hospitals, schools and factories

These invasions have caused fears in a country where over 22 million people need help and 8.4 million are at risk of starvation. These people have also suffered from a deadly cholera outbreak, which has killed thousands of them.