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Sickness prevents Netanyahu’s presence in Case 4000 Interrogation



According to the reports of the Hebrew media, Zionist regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest round of police interrogation, initially scheduled for Monday (19th of March), has been pushed off due to the premier’s ill health.

Israeli prime minister’s personal physician Dr. Tzvi Berkowitz did not rule out the presence of cancer in Netanyahu, adding that there are signs of a Larynx cancer, but confirmation of this issue requires further investigation.

In 2014, Netanyahu was diagnosed with Colon cancer, to prevent and control the malignant disease, he underwent surgery.

Colon cancer is common among men in Israel. According to latest reports, 3,200 people in Israel suffer from Colon cancer, half of whom die from the disease.

Various sources have also reported that in 2015, Netanyahu secretly went through prostate surgery.

It must be noted that in order to keep the operation a secret, he was taken to the hospital at midnight.