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Strikes for Strikes; Syria’s Response to Israeli Invasions Immediate and Severe



Israeli raids against Syrian army was retaliated by a series of strikes. Syrian army announced that no transgression on behalf of Israel or any other country will remain unresponded in the future.

The clashes occurred in the occupied territory of Golan Heights in Syria. As announced by all reporters, the Israeli army was the first to hit Syrian positions and Damascus hit back in hours. This is while the British leaders called the Syrian sides to refrain from further actions. As Boris Johnson, the British Foreign Secretary, said:

We urge Syrians to refrain from further actions which will only lead to increased instability in the region. It is crucial to avoid any further escalations, which would be in no one’s interest.”

Jonson, nevertheless, made no comments about Israel which was the beginner of the tensions a day earlier by striking military positions near Damascus.

9 people have been reportedly killed during the Israeli Strikes in Syria. Syria announced that further attacks will be responded more harshly. Damascus asserts that the recurrent transgression of territorial integrity of the country will by no means be neglected in the future.

The tension has risen after the Israeli forces made suspicious moves in Golan following US president Donald Trump’s announcement to withdraw from nuclear deal with Iran. There seems to be a dovetailing of the two controversial movements. Israel has long been trying to convince western sides of the deal to pull out.

Syrian forces prepare themselves for more clashes. While Britain and some other countries neglect the fact that Israel has instigated the fires, Damascus insists on its right to defend its citizens from any foreign threats. More invasions will be responded more immediately and more severely.