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Syria Condemns Israel’s ‘Criminal Operation’ After White Helmet’s Evacuation



Over 100 white helmet rescuers and their families were evacuated out of the Syria by Israel in a mission while hundreds of others were unable to escape. The remained rescuers are worried as they could face arrest or worse by government forces.

The White Helmets have been considered a terrorist organization as they are not Syrian and have been funded about US$100 million by the UK and other western countries and working in areas under the opposite army control. They claim to be independent while some videos have shown the White Helmets pick up the civilian corps after execution and celebrated after Nusra/Al Qaeda terrorist battle win.

The Syrian foreign ministry has condemned Israel for evacuating the volunteers and called it a “criminal operation”. In addition, Syria’s Grand Mufti called the White Helmets “war criminals” and asked the Syrian and Russian government to prosecute them.

These people are not refugees. They are war criminals. I would like to ask the governments of our countries to follow the members of the White Helmets group and find them wherever they are.

The evacuation plan has been formulated by Canada and European allies two weeks ago due to their concern about their fate. The volunteers submitted their name, and they received the message “Head to the border with Israel” two days before the evacuation. As the frontier with Jordan was under Syrian and Russian control, the only way was the occupied Golan Heights.

Some of them didn’t agree to go through Israel, others didn’t hear of the plan in time, so only half of those who signed up for evacuation went out of the country. The UK, Germany, France and Canada have agreed to resettle these people while the US was unwilling to accept any despite taking part in the negotiations.