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The US Airstrike Kills at Least 54 in Eastern Syria



According to a war monitor, there has been an air raid in an Isis-held area of Syria near the Iraq border that has led to the death of at least 54 people. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and pro-Syrian government news outlets believed that the US-led coalition has caused this attack near the town of Al Bukamal on Thursday night.

Sana, a Syrian news agency, has released that about 30 people were died in the attacks against villages of al Sousa and al Baghou Fawkani. The strike of the al Sousa has destroyed an old ice factory which was families’ shelter. Isis militants have been among the death toll.

The US Central Command stated that they may have conducted bombing “in the vicinity” of the area.

The human rights watchdogs have criticized the international coalition for inadequate care of the civilians that has caused damages and casualties in the area. Officials have reported that strikes in Syria and Iraq have killed 800 civilians while credible monitoring teams have stated the number was at least 6000.

Despite the fall of caliphate, there are about 8000 to 10000 Isis fighters on the Syria-Iraq border. The recent attacks in Raqqa have raised the possibility of militants regrouping in insurgency movements.