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Theresa May to Apologize Following Recent NHS Crisis



Following the recent cancellations of numerous non-urgent operations, which made people furious and helpless, Theresa May and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt were forced to apologize.

According to reports nearly 55,000 were cancelled while 91.7 percent of the hospital’s beds were full. Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth asks the Government to release extra cash to be able to cope with the “appalling winter crisis” in the NHS. The non-urgent operations were annulled, to decrease the pressure on hospitals.

To make it worse, the reports indicated that more than17,000 patients were in the back of ambulances outside A&E over Christmas. Labor has condemned the government and declared that it is government’s “failure to allocate adequate resources” to the NHS (or the National Health Service).

“Patients and staff have once again been let down this winter by a Government in disarray, failing to sufficiently prepare for the predictable spike in demand as the cold snap hits,” expressed Mr. Ashworth.

“Thousands of patients are now bearing the brunt for this appalling winter crisis, with elective operations being deferred until the end of January for the first time ever,” he continued demonstrating his worriment. He has also called on Theresa May “to urgently fund the health service to reschedule these operations as soon as possible.”

The Speaker John Bercow, has also criticized and showed his disagreement about the current government and the Prime Minister. According to him, it would be a “matter of widespread concern” that our Prime Minister faced two defeats in one day on Labour motions over NHS pay and tuition fees.