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Theresa May Confronts the US President Donald Trump



Once more the disagreement between Donald Trump and Theresa May became a hot issue. They are tussling over proposed steel taxes. They are buckling to keep their previously unbreakable UK-US relationship special.

Following the POTUS revelation of assessing tariffs on metals imports, the UK Prime Minister was forced to confront US President Donald Trump. Donald Trump decided to increase a tax of 25% on imported steel, and 10% on aluminum to improve the US industry.

Trump has also claimed that he would put a tax on cars made in the European Union, if EU disagree over the proposed tariffs. According to leaked information, the PM declared her worries to Trump on a telephone call yesterday afternoon.

“The prime minister raised our deep concern at the president’s forthcoming announcement on steel and aluminum tariffs, noting that multilateral action was the only way to resolve the problem of global overcapacity in all parties’ interests,” a spokeswoman said.

According to Bloomberg News in their phone call May “finds it impossible to make headway and get her points across. Trump totally dominates the discussion, leaving the prime minister with five or 10 seconds to speak before he interrupts and launches into another monologue,” the insider told Bloomberg.

This wasn’t the first time that the two presidents conflicted each other. There were several contacts between them recently; from his cancelation of his trip to London and threats from people of London to launch a huge demonstration against him, to their tumult on retweeting of anti-Islamic videos, and Trump’s other controversial decisions and Tweets.