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Theresa May Denies Trump’s Claim that Immigration Changing fabric of Europe



During a conference with UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, Trump claimed that immigration has negative effect on Europe that may change its culture while he didn’t have any evidence for this remark. He said immigration has been “very bad for Europe” while May talked about the benefits of immigration for the UK.

The UK has a proud history of welcoming people, overall immigration has been good for the UK.

Trump has portrayed immigration as a global issue and stated it as an unfortunate situation which is not good for Europe or United State. He talked about the recent issues in the US, where the “zero policy” led to the separation of children from their parents. He claimed that US has very bad immigration laws that he doesn’t call them laws adding that the nations should “watch themselves” by linking the immigration issue to terrorism.

 You see the same terror attacks that I do, we see the a lot.

All these were mentioned without remarking many different issues that may cause an act of terror. He also criticized the Democrats for the immigration issue, because they didn’t back Republican fixes while Democrats and activist groups had blamed the president about the border separation.

In this regard, Theresa May said that each country should control its borders and based on the set of rules it can be decided who comes into the country.