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“Theresa May Should Resign”; Tory Donors and MPs Revolt against the PM



Theresa May, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, is under pressure from all sides to resign as soon as possible. She is asked to leave the Downing Street while has been criticized for her Brexit strategies for so any times.

Over a quarter of fifty party donors who were at a fundraising event last Thursday requested her resignation. “Among even the most loyal middle-ranking donors there is utter despair,” said one of the donors.

Dominic Johnson [a Tory party treasurer] stands up and says: ‘I love Theresa May, who could possibly want to replace her?’ What he didn’t expect was about a quarter of the room to say ‘yes [we do].’ This was a room of very, very traditional donors.

May’s recent decisions and strategies caused many of donors to stand up against her and her MPs. The donor’s revolt which she is facing would paralyze the government of Britain. They demand her to resign as soon as the outline of a trade deal is negotiated this autumn. She has been blamed for her lack of direction over Brexit. The possible economic depression caused so many donors to be in the opposite row.

On the other hand, the Brexiteers also put pressure on her, since they believe she is not being tough on the EU. According to the Brexit-supporting European Research Group (ERG), May’s survival chance is “50:50.” “There is no one defending her but no plot to oust her. It’s the worst of all worlds,” said the senior Conservative.

Nicky Morgan and Justine Greening led the criticisms of May, and asserted that she should have resigned last year. British people are now murmuring about a new leadership who would be able to accomplish the Brexit battle. A group of British Tory MPs has also called for May’s resignation following her inability to take control of the condition.