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Theresa May Ruffles the Labour Mayors’ Feather over the Increase in Knife Crimes



Theresa May has blamed both Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, and Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester in her recent Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday. She told the House of Commons that the mayors are responsible for the rise in number of knife crime.

May’s attack stimulated a widespread anger in both city halls in London and Greater Manchester. According to the reports, it was a previously planned plot to attaint the Labour men in her battle with Labour rivals, especially the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

She attributed the climbing rate of knife related crime across the United Kingdom to the Mayors. “We’ve put in various pieces of work on anti-knife crime…The leader of the opposition voted against changing the law so that anyone caught carrying a knife for a second time would face a custodial sentence,” she said.

She offended Sadiq khan that “He has called for much shorter sentences for those who break the law and he might want to reflect on the fact when there was a Conservative mayor in London, knife crime went down.”  “Now there is a Labour mayor in government, knife crime is going up,” she continued.

May has also ruffled Jeremy Corbyn’s feather who told the floor that since “2015 direct government funding to the police has fallen by £413 million.” “He also talks about the issue of police budgets. This is a government that is protecting police budgets,” May said.

“I might remind the right honorable gentleman that the Labour Party’s former shadow home secretary – now the police and crime commissioner of Greater Manchester – himself said that the police could take up to a 10 percent cut in their budget,” she continued.

Theresa May faced a widespread outrage from people and authorities. She was criticized to give ‘misleading information’. Both Sadiq Khan and Andy Burnham also stood up against the Prime Minister’s comments. “Can’t believe, after all these years, the PM is still misrepresenting me at PMQs,” Burnham said.